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  • Two Special Investigation Teams (SITs) of Crime Branch in Delhi Police have been formed under DCP Joy Tirkey and DCP Rajesh Deo. The teams will immediately take over the investigations of the cases related to northeast Delhi violence. Both the teams will be under the supervision of BK Singh, additional commissioner of police (Crime Branch)
  • Sporadic violence was reported from riot-hit areas in the capital as the intensity of the madness seems to have abated. The death toll has risen to 37
  • Special DG (Training) in CRPF, S N Shrivastava, appointed special commissioner (law & order) in Delhi Police in order to quell the violence. He is also expected to take over as chief of Delhi police once Amulya Patnaik's term ends on February 29
  • Curfew and shoot at sight orders reportedly in force in some areas, but Delhi Police HQ does not issue a notice for the same
  • The Central government has pressed paramilitary forces to control the riots in Delhi
  • Mobs in Delhi target journalists, check them for religious identity and snatch equipment
  • 13 people deal until now in one of the worst spells of violence in Delhi
  • Violence in Delhi shows no signs of abating with fresh areas in the north-eastern part of the capital coming under its grip
  • Delhi High Court says DGCA was wrong in approving the flying ban on stand-up comic Kunal Kamra by airlines other than Indigo for his alleged misbehavior with TV anchor Arnab Goswami aboard an Indigo flight
  • The Bihar assembly passes a resolution to stick to the old NPR form, making it the first NDA state to do so
  • Arms deal for advanced helicopters, worth $3bn, signed with the US, but the trade deal remains elusive
  • Trump says he has a good equation with Pak PM Imran Khan and assures India that Pakistan is working to reduce cross border terrorism
  • Trump once again offers to mediate in the Kashmir issue
  • Trump says it is up to India to decide on the CAA
  • US President Donald Trump says PM Modi wants religious freedom for all
Continuing violence in Delhi takes the sheen off the visit by US President Donald Trump
oppn parties
Navjot Sidhu: Born Opportunist

By Sunil Garodia
First publised on 2017-01-16 22:10:54

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Sunil Garodia Editor-in-Chief of indiacommentary.com. Current Affairs analyst and political commentator. Writes for a number of publications.
It is becoming a regular feature of Indian politics. Turncoats are now terming changing their party as “ghar wapasi” or homecoming. In line with this trend, Navjot Singh Sidhu has said as much after joining the Congress. Additionally, he has claimed that he is a “born Congressman.” The question that begs an answer is that what was he doing in the BJP then? Serving “banawas”? The state of the Congress party can be gauged from the fact that a “born Congressman” takes 53 years to come home.

It is sad that a person who served the BJP for so many years, then flirted with Arvind Kejriwal and thought of launching his own party before joining a sinking ship like Congress makes such lofty statements. Sidhu is an opportunist of the highest rank. Since he was getting no traction in the BJP, he left the party. He negotiated hard with AAP but found Kejriwal a hard nut to crack. When he found that Kejriwal was not willing to make him the face of the party in Punjab, Sidhu lost all interest in AAP. For some time, he tested the waters to find out if he will have backers (read: moneybags and muscle power) if he floated his own party. Like a baniya, he has been scouting for the highest bidder and has found the Congress receptive to his floor price.

But it is debatable whether the Congress will give him what he wants. Although the details of the deal have not been made public, it seems that the Congress will make full use of Sidhu’s one-liners and sarcasm-filled speeches during campaigning and then give him some decorative post bereft of real power if it wins. For, the Congress is an old party with several high profile leaders in Punjab. To expect it to give in to the demands of a recent admittee is to expect too much. There are too many leaders, each with his or her own agenda and they will hardly yield space to Sidhu.

To speak in Sidhu’s own language, it seems he has been had and after the elections, his status will be that of a “dhobi ka kutta, na ghar ka na ghat ka”. The Congress may or may not win in Punjab. If it wins, Sidhu will get zero credit as the campaign was already in full flow, handled by the redoubtable Capt. Amrinder Singh. If it loses, Sidhu’s “new innings” will terminate before it starts. In either case, he will be the loser. Of course, then he can always go back to his television shows and claim that he was “born for television”.