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  • Imran Khan raises nuclear war bogey again, says if Pakistan loses a conventional war, it might fight till the end with its nuclear arsenal
  • Searching for Rajeev Kumar, ex-CP, Kolkata Police, the CBI approaches state DGP to know about his whereabouts
  • Ferry overturns in the river Godavari in Andhra. 46 feared dead
  • Supreme Court to hear pleas on Jammu & Kashmir today
  • Ghulam Nabi Azad moves Supreme Court for ordering the government to allow him to visit his family in J&K
  • GST Council meeting to focus on leakages and evasions, expected to tighten processes, especially regarding input tax credit
  • Finance minister, citing figures for July 2019, says that industrial production and fixed investment is showing signs of revival
  • Amit Shah's comment on Hindi as the unifying language draws the ire of MK Stalin and Siddaramaiah. Stalin says the country is India not Hindia
  • On Hindi Diwas today, Amit Shah says use of mother language must be increased but Hindi should be adopted as the common language of the country
  • Pakistan raises white flag on LoC to claim bodies of dead soldiers
  • India beat Bangladesh by 5 runs to lift the U-19 Asia Cup
  • A three-judge bench of the Supreme Court will examine the amendments to the SC/ST act made after an apex court order that 'diluted' the provisions and which were reinstatd by the amendment
  • Delhi government decides to re-implement the odd-even system of traffic management from November 4 to 15
  • UP to discontinue law that allows the state government to pay the income tax dues of ministers
  • Anand Sharma of the Congress to replace P Chidambaram on the parliamentary committee on home affairs
Sunni Wakf Board and Nirvani Akhara write to the Supreme Court for a negotiated settlement to the Ayodhya dispute
oppn parties
The Game of Patel, Patel, Bhai-Bhai

By Sunil Garodia

About the Author

Sunil Garodia Editor-in-Chief of indiacommentary.com. Current Affairs analyst and political commentator. Writes for a number of publications.
No sooner had the deputy CM of Gujarat displayed his displeasure at not being allotted any meaningful portfolios by not attending office, Hardik Patel has offered to get him an “important” position if he defects to Congress. The reason: the person in question has the surname Patel. Even after analyzing the results and voting patterns of the recent Gujarat election, some people with an inflated sense of self-importance (read Hardik Patel) still think that all Patels support him. That is very far from the truth and all Patels do not consider Hardik to be the sole champion of their cause. Analysis of voting pattern has proved that while a large percentage of the youth, especially in the Saurashtra region, from the Patel community, voted for Hardik-backed Congress, not many above 45-years were taken in by his hype. The reason is not far to seek. Hardik tied up with Rahul Gandhi, but Patels view both the Congress and the BJP to be equally unreceptive to their demands. They had rallied behind Hardik as they thought he would open a third front. The day he aligned with the Congress he lost many old-timers who went back to vote for the BJP.

Gujarat deputy CM Nitin Patel maybe miffed at being given cosmetic ministries that do not befit his status. But that is a matter between him and the party. The BJP, smarting under the drubbing it got in Saurashtra, has already reached out to the Patidars and is obviously not going to estrange Nitin Patel. Since the matter has now been escalated, Vijay Rupani and Amit Shah are going to offer him a face saving formula that will save the party the blushes and allow Patel to go back and tell the community that he has wrested what was due and he is now going to work for their benefit.

While Hardik Patel has tried to make the most of the situation by fishing in troubled BJP waters, one does not see anything coming out of it. Hardik has tried the age-old formula of trying to weaken the enemy to gain an upper hand. But Amit Shah is too seasoned a politican to let him get away with it. Nitin Patel will be placated since the BJP can no longer afford to be seen to be handing out a slight to an influential Patel leader. In any case, if Patel was made the deputy CM as a gesture towards the Patidar community, he should also be given responsibilities matching his status. New trends and challenges are emerging in Gujarat politics and if the BJP adheres to old responses it will lose more support.