oppn parties Reporting News is Not Fastest Fingers First

News Snippets

  • Trouble brews in Bihar JD(U)-BJP alliance as Bihar police asks special branch officers to keep tabs on RSS activities
  • Trust vote in Karnataka assembly today. With rebel MLAs deciding to stay away after the SC order, the Congress-JD(S) government is likely to fall as it does not have the numbers
  • Amit Shah says the government will identify and deport illegal immigrants from all parts of the country
  • Reports from Pakistan confirm that Hafiz Saeed has been arrested and sent to jail
  • After the SC order, Karnataka Speaker says he will go by the Constitution in deciding on the resignations of the 16 MLAs
  • Rebel MLAs say they will not attend the trust vote on Thursday
  • Supreme Court rules that rebel MLAs cannot be forced to attend the assembly and vote in the floor test
  • Both the Centre and the Assam government have sought re-verification of up to 20% of draft NRC data
  • Pakistan opens its airspace for Indian planes
  • Dilapidated building collapses in Mumbai, killing more than 10 people while many were still trapped
  • Kulbhushan Jadhav case verdict to be delivered today by the ICJ
  • A Vistara flight landed in Lucknow with just 5 to 10 minutes of fuel left in the tank
  • Supreme Court to decide on Karnataka MLAs plea today
  • Karnataka alliance to face floor test on Thursday
  • China says that the next Dalai Lama will be appointed by it
International Court of Justice agrees with India, stays Kulbhushan Jadhav's execution. It asks Pakistan to allow consular access to the accused.
oppn parties
Reporting News is Not Fastest Fingers First

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Sunil Garodia By our team of in-house writers.
Is a section of the media deliberately putting out slanted news without waiting for official confirmation? In quick succession, two news were flashed that were miles away from the truth. First, even as the Ranchi special court judge was reading out the judgment in the fodder scam case, a section of the media reported that Laloo Prasad had been acquitted of all charges. Then, reports surfaced claiming that the CBFC has asked for 26 cuts in the film Padmavati as a precondition for clearing the film. It later transpired that Laloo was convicted and no cuts were suggested by the CBFC.

What is happening? Why are reporters covering important events jumping the gun? Is it because they want to be the first to report? Or is it because they do not have a proper understanding of the news they are covering? Or worse still, is it because they have made up their minds how they are going to report? Professional incompetence, though unpardonable, can take place and the media organization will take note of it and remove the offender. But slanting of news cannot be pardoned.

These were small incidents. But if similar reporting is done in sensitive cases, even a fifteen minute gap in correcting the mistake can prove to be lethal. Passions can be inflamed and riots can take place. Hence, reporters have a duty to double check and cross verify each piece of news before sending it across for publication. They are the ones in the field. Those in the newsroom or studios will flash whatever they put out. This puts a huge responsibility on their shoulders and they must act accordingly. There is no shame in rectifying a genuine mistake. But shoddy reporting must be avoided at all costs, even if someone else puts out the news first. There is a chance that egg will be on that person’s face instead of you.