oppn parties Political Parties: Fountainhead of Corruption

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  • Former Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Akhtar proposes an Indo-Pak ODI series to raise funds for fighting coronavirus
  • Maharashtra government says many Tablighi Jamaat members who attended the Markaz and returned have gone into hiding
  • West Bengal government identifies hotspots in Kolkata and the rest of the state, inclined to extend the lockdown in those places only
  • Prime Minister Modi holds a video conference with floor leaders of opposition parties, hints at extending the lockdown
  • UP seals hotspots and makes masks mandatory
  • Masks made compulsory in Mumbai, violators will be arrested
  • ICMR says an infected person can infect 406 people in 30 days without social distancing and lockdown
  • Stock markets make a smart recovery. Sensex up by record 2476 points on global cues
  • Schools, colleges and shopping malls likely to remain closed for a further period of one month, says empowered group of ministers
  • PM Modi tells BJP workers that India is in for a long battle against the coronavirus and there is no scope to feel tired or defeated
  • PM Modi asks ministers to focus on exports and new areas and sectors
  • PM Modi asks ministers to prepare business continuity plan post the lifting of the lockdown
  • Corona cases in India cross 4000 and the death toll stands at 124
  • The government decides to double the testing of corona suspects from 10000 now to 20000 in the next three days
  • Flipkart assures employees that there will be no job or salary cuts due to the COVID-19 pandemic
COVID-19: 773 new cases and 32 deaths in the last 24 hours, reports the health ministry
oppn parties
Political Parties: Fountainhead of Corruption

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First publised on 2016-12-18 08:23:35

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Sunil Garodia By our team of in-house writers.
People are talking about, now longer in whispers but almost vehemently, about the special privilege accorded to political parties to accept donations in cash from very much any Ram, Shyam or Hari. They say that this has allowed these parties to exhort money from people when in power or do so in the name of protection in their areas of influence or on the pretext of holding any political function. Since these parties just need to give a name and enter this money in small chunks of less than Rs 20000 in their books, those in power also boost party funds by depositing part of kickback money through this route. People are increasingly saying that since political parties now resemble business entities as each has a dream to sell, there should be similar checks on them.

People are saying that if Modi wants a corruption-free India, he has to strike at the fountainhead of corruption – namely, the funds of political parties. There has always been a grey area regarding the source of these funds. People say funding from unknown sources is destroying Indian democracy. People want the government to make it mandatory for parties to accept anything above Rs 100 through banking channels. They point out that the Election Commission recently said that out of 1900 registered political parties in India, nearly 400 have never fought elections. These are conduits for converting black money. People want a surgical strike on political funding.

There is growing resentment among the people for the special privileges bestowed on these parties. People want each and every paise claimed as donations by these parties to be properly accounted for, with address and PAN number of the donor. People are also talking about the fact that politicians like Rahul Gandhi keep harping upon the fact that the 1% rich are benefiting from demonetization without specifying who make up the 1%. People say that more than half of this 1% is made up of politicians. People are angry that those they saw five years ago as gangly young men or women canvassing for votes now sport potbellies, wear designer clothes and move about in fancy cars while facilities for the common man have not improved. People want these politicians accountable and feel that reform of political funding and removal of special privileges granted to parties will ensure a corruption-free India. Is Narendra Modi listening?