oppn parties PM Modi's New Year Eve Speech

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  • The government says Covid-19 is still in local transmission stage in India
  • Government scotches rumours of extending the lockdown beyond April14. Says no such plan
  • Centre asks states to give shelter and food to migrant workers to stop them from taking to the streets
  • RBI cuts repo rate by 75 bps, the steepest in 10 years
  • Centre writes to states regarding laxity in monitoring people who had arrived from abroad between January and March
  • Kerala reports a spurt in new cases
  • With 124 fresh cases on Friday, the number of reported cases in India stand at 854
  • Five of a family, including a 9-month-old-baby test positive for Covid-19 in Nadia district in West Bengal on Friday
  • The Pakistani army is reportedly forcibly moving all Covid-19 patients to PoK and Gilgit
  • Untimely azaans in J&K mosques spark panic gathering
  • Stocks rise - Sensex up by 1400 points and Nifty goes above the 8600 mark
  • Rahul Gandhi says the economic package is "the first step in the right direction"
  • The government announces wide-ranging measures to help the poor overcome the economic hardship caused by Covid-19
  • G20 leaders to hold a virtual meeting today to explore ways of fighting Covid-19 in a coordinated manner
  • The Delhi government orders testing of all medical staff after the positive test on a Delhi mohalla clinic doctor
Death toll reaches 27 as Covid-19 cases across India reach 974 on Saturday
oppn parties
PM Modi's New Year Eve Speech

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First publised on 2016-12-31 12:44:44

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Sunil Garodia Holding an extreme view and carting the ball out of the park is what interests him most. He is a hard hitter at all times. Fasten your seatbelts and read.
The last time he addressed the nation over prime time television, Prime Minister Modi dropped the bomb of demonetization on unsuspecting citizens. The last nearly two months have caused upheavals in the lives of all people for different reasons. While the poor and the honest have resented the restrictions on withdrawing their own hard earned money from banks, the corrupt and the hoarders have scrambled to devise ingenuous ways to turn black into white. Hence, the people are talking about this evening’s (31/12/2016) address the PM is going to make on prime time TV.

As New Years’ parties now start early, some as early as 6 pm, most venues have made arrangements to telecast the speech live. People are bracing for more shocks, with a prayer that maybe the PM will not do anything to spoil their already tension-ridden year.

They need not worry. Most reports indicate that the PM is now going to provide a balm for demonetization pains. People are already talking about how he can cut tax rates or even provide a tax moratorium for some time (although that’s hoping too much). All in all, people have made up their mind that in his year end speech, the PM is not going to spoil the festive mood.

If the prime minister gives some relief, he is bound to cheer up the festive crowd. Whiskey in hand, people will applaud the man who gave untold blisters in wrong places in the last 50 days if he eases the soreness with big ticket relief – a five percent reduction in income tax, for instance.

One thing is sure. This new years’ eve is going to be very different from other years. Instead of belly dancers, DJ’s or singers being the stars, a chaiwala-turned-PM is going to be one. Here’s wishing people a Patiala peg from the PM this evening. May what the PM says turn 2017 into an accha year!